Our services

We build long-term value for our member companies and the health service by bringing our expertise, experience and contacts to all aspects of a company’s business. In all cases we can advise, assist or take on projects or roles end to end.

We can help in in each of the following areas:

Sales & sales strategy

We can assist with the planning, development and execution of the sales strategy including market analysis, the creation and management of the sales team, procurement support and direct sales activity. Shearwater people have made direct sales of over £100m of healthcare IT products and services.

Marketing & communications

We can advise on, assist with or execute the full range of above and below the line marketing and communications activities - including branding, public relations, advertising, sales collateral, web sites, exhibitions and strategy.

Product design & development

We can help with, manage or work on all aspects of the development cycle from design to delivery including methodology, coding, tooling, integration with third party tools and systems, test strategies, sizing and quality control. We have experience of the development and delivery of modern, complex .net solutions covering a wide scope of administrative and clinical activity running with many thousands of users.

Technical & infrastructure

We can help with the design of technical solutions including server architecture, system tools selection, configuration, integration and management, both for in-house use and for clients. We are experienced at working with infrastructure projects of all sizes.


We are experienced at designing structured deployment methodologies which allow systems of all sizes to be deployed efficiently, safely and in volume. Experience includes project management, training, design, data migration, interfacing, change management configuration, testing, cutover, go live, benefits management and support.

Commercial & legal

Our experience includes public and private sector contracts, partnership agreements, budgeting, pricing and standards. We can help review commercial propositions in order to maximise the value to both the customers and the company.

Human resources

We have grown a company from zero to 400 people strong through a mixture of organic growth and acquisition and we pride ourselves on basing our companies on a strong and supportive HR facility. We can advise and support on every aspect of HR including employee contracts, annual reviews, training, reward mechanisms, policies and procedures, recruitment and retention. We can also provide an end to end HR service if required.

Corporate development

As companies grow, it is important that structures are put in place to manage that growth safely and to ensure that shareholder value is enhanced. We can help with the governance, planning and processes required to move companies through their various stages of development and we provide non-executive directors to the companies that we work with.


Using our extensive investor network, we can help member companies find the right funding at the right time to support their continued growth. We have experience of raising tens of millions of pounds from private investors, venture capitalists and blue chip institutions to fund various stages of growth.


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