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Shearwater throws its weight behind mobile clinical applications and health records for the NHS

Dr Ian Denley and Markus Bolton today unveil Shearwater Systems, a new company established with £2.16m of initial funding to develop mobile clinical applications and health records for the UK health and social care market.  
Shearwater Systems is funded with £1.3m start-up capital raised from a number of private investors including Bolton and Denley.  In addition, the company has attracted £860,000 funding from Kent County Council.  This has been made available through the Expansion East Kent Scheme, which is part of the government’s Regional Growth Fund. 
Staff from Shearwater Healthcare Investments will be working with Shearwater Systems to provide hands-on guidance and support in all areas of the business. 
Founded in Canterbury earlier this year, Shearwater Systems has already taken on 15 staff, the majority of whom are technical.  The team is developing a range of healthcare IT products including the Rapport Clinical Portal and the Rapport Patient Portal.  The Rapport products are based on Shearwater System’s own development engine and are tailored to operate in native mode on IOS, Android and Windows machines.
“We set up Shearwater Systems because we saw a clear need for advanced clinical solutions running across a full range of mobile devices”, said Denley, co-founder of Shearwater Healthcare Investments and CEO of Shearwater Systems.  “Our in depth knowledge of healthcare applications and our relationships across the health and social care sectors will help establish Shearwater Systems as a primary player in the mobile market.”

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